WORLD'S FIRST space-saving, hanging wall bracket.

A new convenient solution for decluttering and optimizing your living or working space.

Heavy or Lightweight Items

Whether you want to store tools, bicycles, garden equipment, or any other items, the EZ Folding Bracket provides a seamless and efficient solution.

Cost- Effective

With our innovative bracket, there's no need to invest in multiple storage solutions or equipment, saving you both money and space.

Space Saving Design

When your items are not hanging on it, the bracket becomes virtually invisible, blending effortlessly with your wall.


While in search of home storage solutions to enhance their organization, Lou and Draga Nesin explored various products. Frustrated by their inability to locate the ideal solution, Lou tapped into his welding skills and inventor's expertise to craft a unique storage solution aimed at maximizing space and improving their home organization.

The EZ Folding Bracket is a must-have for anyone

seeking a stylish, functional, and space-saving solution for their storage needs.