Installation Instructions

EZ folding hanging bracket is truly easy to install: 

1. Decide where you want to install the bracket.

2. Find the stud where you want to place the bracket.  Lightly mark it with a pencil.  

(Note:  It is essential to find a stud to where to hang the bracket because dry wall does not provide the same support on it's own.)

3. Use a level to guarantee that the bracket is aligned and straight when installing it.

4. Place the bracket on the wall on the marked location and pull arm down to open bracket.

5. Mark and drill your pilot holes with either a full battery drill or with a screw long enough to penetrate the stud on the wall.   

6. Attach the bracket on the wall using the screws provided in the package.  This can be installed by using a full battery drill.

7. Hang items on bracket, as close to hinge as possible.  (Note: The closer the items are placed to the hinge the more weight it will hold.)  

8. When not in use, keep bracket closed.